Tutorials for school

We are the best tuition for SSC, CBSE and ICSE board in Mulund

We always make sure that there should be no rush in lecture and personal attention to each student is our basic priority so for that purpose we keep a maximum size of 10 students per batch.

To find out more about what Balaji Tuitions can offer or discover which tutors are available near you, call us at +91 8879737053 or mail us at profchirag1993@gmail.com.

Course Features

  • Teaching students according to their understanding level.
  • Exam-oriented preparation.
  • Solved past years paper.
  • Proper guidance or assistance is provided to students.
  • Encouraging students to ask their doubts.
  • Make their students believe that with proper planning they can achieve their goals.
  • We provide question bank and notes to students.
  • Periodic revision test.